Ontario’s Premier Rug Care

Protect the beauty of your rugs with expert hand cleaning.  Highly trained and uniquely equipped to care the Ontario area’s fine rugs, we treat each as if it were a family heirloom. Whether domestic or imported, contemporary or antique we know they’re a special part of your home.

Oriental and other specialty rugs should never be steam cleaned like ordinary carpet.  Nor should they be machine washed or machine dry cleaned.  We’re your Ontario professionals with expertise and experience in Chinese, fine woolen horse blanket, Navajo and other tribal, needlepoint, Persian, silk, Turkish, and wool rugs.,

A Full Line of Services for Ontario California

  • Full Immersion Cleaning, recommended for most oriental and specialty rugs.
  • Hand Dry Cleaning for silk, jute and other delicate fibers (such as art silk, banana silk, and processed bamboo) as well as for unstable dyes. Includes dusting and grooming.
  • Dusting in between cleanings removes deep soil that vacuuming can’t reach, removing abrasive particles as well as irritants.
  • Treatments
    • Pet Urine using specially formulated thorough yet gentle products to remove odors and stains.
    • Allergy treatment using natural products eliminate or reduce dust, pollen, and dander.
    • Moth and Pest treatment retards the eggs and larvae that feed on natural fibers.
    • Soil and Stain Protector application so your can rugs stay clean and fresh longer.
  • Padding reduces the hazard of shifting, curling, and wrinkling as well as uneven wear.  We use only quality felt padding, not synthetics that accumulate grime
  • Tea Washing restores the “tea” used to impart an antique look to fringe.
  • Storage Preparation includes cleaning, drying, applying insect retardant, and wrapping for storage at our facility, your home, or anywhere you choose in Ontario or elsewhere.

We do not make appraisals or significant repairs ourselves but can refer you to an appropriate specialist.

Our Full-Immersion Washing

We tailor or 8-step process to the particular rug, and always wash each individually.  Our procedures mimic the natural river washing that has stood the test of time, combined with gentle cleansers and innovations as recommended by merchants, cleaning experts, and museums.

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  • Inspection to determine the type of fibers, pile density, and type of weave together with the overall condition.  We’ll measure dimensions for proper sizing and test color fastness.
  • Dusting is a critical step as large amounts of soil interfere with cleaning and can even cause damage.  We use a Rug Badger vibrating dusting machine combined with vacuuming.
  • Odor removal for those pet, smoke, and mildew problems that won’t be removed with regular cleaning.
  • Immersion cleaning by hand with pH balanced cleansers specific to the fibers.  Plus stain and spot removal.
  • Rinsing in chlorine-free softened running water until no residues remain.
  • Grooming by brushing in the direction of knotting for a uniform appearance and texture.
  • Drying by first being laid flat then being hung vertically in our climate-controlled drying room.  This step lasts until measurements show the proper moisture level.
  • Inspection to make sure your rug is as clean as it can be.  We’ll repeat steps as appropriate, and finally dust and vacuum again.
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Choose Gentle Genie

We’re true professionals pursuing ongoing education and are active in professional organizations, trade shows, and research.  Our IICRC-certified technicians are known throughout the Ontario area and beyond for their expertise, integrity, and courtesy.  Call us for a complimentary in-home inspection and estimate.

Pick-up, delivery, and storage are available.

Ontario California

The City of Ontario California is 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.  Its Ontario International Airport is the 15th busiest in the country, due in large part to cargo flights.  Where did the name come from?  In 1882 the Chaffey brothers started the Ontario Model Colony housing development, named after their home province in Canada.

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