Rug Videos

01Howoften-1024x576 Rug Videos

How often should I clean my wool rugs? To answer that let’s look at what abrasive dirt really is and how it affects your rugs. This is a magnified image of sandpaper. You can easily see the sharp edges that act
02Identifymothdamage-1024x576 Rug Videos
How can you tell if you have moths or bugs damaging your rugs? Good quality rugs can last for hundreds of years, but moths and other pests can literally eat holes in your rug very quickly and cause
03PreventBugDamage-1024x576 Rug Videos
In this short video we’ll answer the question “how can you protect your rugs from moths and bugs?” Protecting your rugs from destructive pests is actually pretty easy if you remember a few key points.
04Twomistakes-1024x576 Rug Videos
We’ll discuss the two mistakes that most rug owners make that severely shortens the life of their rugs. These two mistakes are easy to avoid and in just a few minutes you’ll know how to avoid them yourselves.
05Howtovacuum-1024x576 Rug Videos
We answer the question how you should vacuum your area rugs. Improper vacuuming can damage and devalue your rugs. Vacuums with beater bars and brushes can break the face yarns and distort the pile.
06Notcleanedinthehome-1024x576 Rug Videos
Watch as we discuss why you should never let a carpet cleaner clean your area rugs in your home. In just a couple of minutes you’ll know more than most carpet cleaners do about the damage
07PetUrineandRugs-1024x576 Rug Videos

Accidents Happen. Even the most well-trained pet can have an accident in the home due to any number of different causes. If you own area rugs and pets, it’s important to understand the four ways

08Tuftedrugs-1024x576 Rug Videos
In this short video we’ll talk about tufted rugs. You’ll learn what they are, how they are made and you’ll also discover that these rugs have some common issues.
09Whiteknots-1024x576 Rug Videos

Many rug owners and actually quite a few cleaners, are unaware that many rugs marked 100% wool on the label actually have quite a bit of cotton in them.

10Abrash-1024x576 Rug Videos
One of the things that makes hand woven rugs so beautiful is the visual texture of the rug. Part of this texture comes from the natural Abrash of the rug. Abrash is a word that describes
11TeaWash-1024x576 Rug Videos
Tea washed rugs are very common in today’s marketplace. Tea washing gives rugs a an antique sepia tone effect. A tea washed rug has been over dyed with a brown or golden dye.
12Viscoserugs-1024x576 Rug Videos
Many rugs marketed today as silk, are in fact artificial silk rugs made of viscose fibers. Rugs made of viscose or technically viscose rayon present several unique problems
Bonus-1-Do-I-Need-A-Rug-Pad-1024x576 Rug Videos

Rug pads can add many benefits to people with area rugs. But they aren’t suitable for all rugs or in all situations. Many people don’t know when or if they should get pads for their rugs.

Bonus-2-Protector-1024x576 Rug Videos
Protector is a coating that is applied to clean rugs and textiles. This coating helps prevent permanent staining and makes it easier to clean up spots, spills, and general dirt.